Hello & Welcome!

Meg Ross at your service! I’m a gal of many nicknames though…my favorite is Megling.

And this handsome man gave it to me ↑

That’s Josh! Oh, and that adorable tot?
Sadie Rose ♥ the littlest assistant

Other Tidbits

During my own pregnancy I gained a strength I never knew I had. I looked in the mirror and saw a MOM, a beautiful one. Now I want each and every one of you to feel this same way. You are a conqueror and you are forging the path for your family.

From the moment you "pee on that stick" to celebrating the smallest and biggest milestones with your children- I can be your photographer for these moments and everything inbetween.

I'm a Canon lady.
Indoor and outdoor natural light preferred.
Taken safety and creative workshops/classes.
Licensed & Insured

These are a few of my favorite things

Buy me all the mugs.

Seattle frame of mind.

Living a thousand lives.

Ice cream solves everything.

I wish I had fins.

Nerding out hardcore.