Hello & Welcome!

Meg Ross at your service! I’m a gal (she/her) of many nicknames and my favorite is Megling.

And this handsome man gave it to me ↑

That’s Josh! Oh, and that spunky kiddo?
Sadie Rose ♥ the first littlest assistant

Other Tidbits

You stepped into your own future as a family and put down roots, every day after that you've been watering the crazy, wonderful, sometimes maddening, always beautiful garden. (Can you tell that I might be becoming a plant mom too?) 

Some days I stare at my kid and the moment she is in squeezes at my heartstrings. I wish I could bottle the feeling and place and keep it on a shelf. Haven't you ever felt the same way?

I'm documenting the smallest and biggest milestones with your children - I can be your storyteller for these moments and everything inbetween. Start by holding onto your motherhood from bump to birth and on through birthdays. You deserve it.

Canon lady.
Indoor and outdoor natural light preferred.
Taken safety and creative workshops/classes.
Licensed & Insured

These are a few of my favorite things (Musicals is one of them, so I hope you sang that along with me!)

Buy me all the mugs.

Belly laughter for days.

Living a thousand lives.

Ice cream solves everything.

I wish I had fins.

Nerding out hardcore.